Plays in pre-production state:

The Case of the Crushed Petunias

Board game and theatre performance where the audience's members decide what, who and how are things going to happen after the discovery of the crashed petunias.

Uploading to the Cloud

In a not-so-distant future, after dying, the souls will get caught on an app; on the day the app is going to be launched the things don't go as expected… Why would you capture a soul? Every revolution begins with a spark.

This are some ideas that the Artistic Director of Ataraxia Producciones wishes to address in the near future:

The Oresteia Trilogy

Following the mask acting technique research and the job done in the Eumenides this adaptation will tell the story of Orestes and how his decisions transformed his reality forever.

A Mariachi Adventure

Series of clown sketches to celebrate the Mother´s Day

Encuentro Mundial de Teatro Infantil y Juvenil en Rivera Uruguay (2019) - Funciones de “El Ahogado Más Hermoso del Mundo”.

Festival Internacional de Teatro Universitario (2019) - Función de “El Ahogado Más Hermoso del Mundo”, Teatro Santa Catarina, Ciudad de México.