Ataraxia Producciones is a Mexican theatre company. It is primarily focused on producing theatrical experiences for kids, teenagers, and families (from 6 years old up). They produce adaptations (from tales, novels, poems, and theatre plays) and original works. They are also focused on delivering and designing theatre classes and workshops for children and teenagers. They use theatre as a means of communication through laughter, honesty, and games.

They are passionate about making theatre that dialogues with the spaces where the performances will happen (nothing is static, everything is adaptable and specially designed for that space) this allows them to create magic and relationships (to the spaces and with the audiences) wherever they go.

Ataraxia Producciones is a company whose performances encourage and require the audience's active participation (either with interactivity, with audience members being on stage (ideally acting), or in the position where the seats are placed in relationship with the performative space). They are a transdisciplinary artistic company that uses whatever resources are needed to fulfil their artistic needs and speeches, they are not afraid of mixing, deconstructing, or modifying artistic techniques or methodologies.